How I Was Able to delete any facebook story where am I mentioned or tagged

Let’s start the story

So, It was a beautiful July 20 (which was my birthday) as it was my birthday many of my internet friends tagged me and said “Happy birthday” to me by posting my pic(Thanks btw) and on the same exact day my brother posted a story where he mentioned me and wrote a text of “Happy birthday Sankalpa” and on that day I used Facebook a lot, I spend over 10 hours straight scrolling Facebook and saying thanks to everyone lol. SO, I decided to deactivate my Facebook because I was using that shit for many hours, but at night my brother said where the hell is the story that I posted and tagged you, he said did you deleted the story and I said “No”, but then I remember my school assignments and thought to reactivate my account then my brother said “Wtf, just happened the story is back” he noticed that weird behavior and I thought to investigate on it a bit, then I found that whenever someone tags me and I deactivate my Facebook then the story will be deleted too, So without wasting my time I reported this issue to Facebook after checking it from all my devices,

Here What I Reported

An attacker can delete victims story via Facebook lite if victim mention attacker in his story and attacker deactivate His account

Couldn’t reporduces wtf?
cummedddd, when they said this lmao
oh cool, best of luck on investigating
Me *Dead* catch these motherfucker, they are terrorist



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